Saturday, 28 December 2013

'These Things Take Time' - Michael Kors MK-5128 Rose Gold Watch

Hi everyone,

So I hope you all had a lovely Christmas; I just can't believe how quickly it has come and gone this year, and how the new year is nearly here. I love being nosey and seeing what people got for Christmas on blogs and on YouTube, and although I don't think I will do a whole blog post on what I got (the majority was food related anyway - usually of the sweet variety :) ) I thought I would just show you the lovely watch I received as I thought you might like to see it before it appears in new year's outfit posts.

So just to start by saying I am not normally a watch person. I have ridiculously tiny wrists and I hate when watches move around your arm and you end up scratching them on tables etc etc. I'm also not really into small, dainty watches; just like my jewellery I much prefer statement pieces, but I suppose that is just personal preference.

So you have probably seen similar watches like this floating around blogs for what feels like years now, and of course I am probably the last one on the bandwagon, but in all honesty it was never the watch itself that stopped me from buying, it was, as I said above, the fact I am not a watch person. This particular style is the MK-5128 Rose Gold Plated Chronograph Watch.

What I love about it is the Rose Gold. I'm not a fan of gold jewellery and I do like silver, but I just think the rose colour is so lovely and versatile and a little bit different; it also makes it much more of a feminine style as the watch itself is very chunky.
I mean, most sensible people would probably go for a smaller watch if they had tiny wrists like me, but no, I decide to go for nearly the biggest (I actually nearly chose a larger one thinking this one would be too small, but luckily I looked at someone elses blog and the bigger watch looked a little 'too' big).

Now, I know what you're all thinking, this is a very expensive gift, and yes you would be right, but I actually spent a few weeks looking for the best deal, and of course Asos saved the day and decided to give 25% off for students, which considerably reduced the price - Asos is always there when you need them and they even sent me a huge bar of Maltesers chocolate for free - at least some big companies have a little Christmas spirit left!
I hope you enjoyed this little review of the watch, it's quite hard to talk about sizing as everyone's wrist are different, but I had mine shortened at my local jeweller free of charge, so that was very easy. I will leave the link to the watch on Asos if you want to have a little look at some different pictures and other 'boring' details about the watch.
Thanks for reading and let's hope I can train myself not to check my phone but check my wrist when someone asks me for time!
Happy New Year if I don't speak to you before then - and don't forget to comment!


  1. omg it's gorgeous! Wish I has one! xx

  2. I have never been a watch person either, but after getting a Michael Kors watch for my birthday earlier this year I couldn't be without it! I wear mine ALL the time now. xx


  3. I love MK watches! I got one, and it was a gift :) Yours is beautiful!!