Tuesday, 25 February 2014

'No Regrets'

Don't worry - you haven't warped back to the 70's, it's definitely 2014, my 'dress sense' just hasn't seemed to get there yet. This beautiful trench coat is from H&M and for £24.99 I seriously couldn't resist - no regrets. I recently picked up my second pair of Joni Jeans in grey (what else!) and I'm in love. They are so comfortable and flattering (which is a rare mix to find) and they go with pretty much anything. Again this Primark turtleneck is rearing its 'ugly' head - I think at £3 it's already paid for itself, and it's surprisingly good quality.

Uni is hectic at the moment - who knew designing a shop window would be so difficult! (if you want to see some of my inspiration pictures, have a look at my Pinterest page here). Also check out my Twitter and Instagram accounts (username is sarah_bowater) for regular updates!

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Monday, 17 February 2014

'Better Together'

H&M Black & White Striped Turtleneck £7.99
So I did a guest post yesterday for the lovely Lizzie over at Head-full-of-flowers so after you have read this go and check that out here and follow her while you're there! I posted about the new Primark P.S. Love makeup range with swatches and how I apply etc etc.
This little turtleneck over here is £7.99! I just think turtlenecks make you look like you have put a lot of effort into your outfit, even when you really haven't - and this material is amazing quality for the price. I love this faux leather jacket from Internacionale that I picked up last week too - I can't say I have even stepped foot in this store before but they had this jacket on the mannequin and I loved the length of it - much more flattering than a short one I think! And of course I had to wear my trusted Joni Jeans, I pretty much wear them on a daily basis, I'm considering buying the grey pair next :/
Can we just all stop and appreciate the beautiful rose gold bangle I picked up from Black Tied a few weeks back. It's so beautiful and definitely go and check it out on their website here. For reference my lipstick here is the Revlon Lip Butter (naturally :) ) in 001 Pink Truffle (it's quite sad that I didn't even need to check that either!)

 P.S On another note I have just secured a work placement with Topshop in March which I'm so excited to share with you what I have done afterwards! If you're interested I post photos of what I do on my course on my Instagram and Twitter so if you would like to see my user is sarah_bowater. I also did Visual Merchandising in Selfridges Birmingham last week which was an amazing experience and I have a few pics on there of what I did.

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Monday, 10 February 2014

'We Close Our Eyes' | Maybelline Brow Drama


So, my eyebrows are the one thing everyone makes comments about: "I can't believe your eyebrows are so dark even though you're a blonde" etc etc etc. They are ridiculously big and dark, but we have to work with what we've got I suppose! I usually do nothing but comb them in the mornings but I had being eyeing this up since it was first released. I tried the Benefit one and couldn't move my face it stuck my eyebrows together so much and I really wasn't a fan, but I thought for £4.99 I would finally give this one a go.
Well, let's just say I love it. It doesn't make your eyebrows 'crunchy' and doesn't give it too much colour, which is perfect for what I want in a brow 'mascara'. My brows are quite thick so this really holds them together, but I can't say how good it would be for other types of brows but I honestly would give it a try if you want something subtle for your brows on one of those 'late' mornings which I'm certainly having frequently at the moment!

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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

'Puppy Love'


I brought this lovely shirt by Monki from ASOS last week with 20% off student discount. I was a bit unsure of it to start with but I don't think it is too OTT and doesn't make me look like the 'crazy dog lady' - I hope not anyway.
Uni has been very busy; me and my group are nearly finishing a piece based on American Apparel, check out my Instagram and Twitter for pictures and for more updates.

I also brought this beautiful bracelet from Black Tied (link above) and I am looking forward to wearing it all the time; it's one of those bracelets which you can just leave on as it goes with everything. I would recommend them so much, and the founder Laura is so lovely and helpful when ordering and with blogging details. Check out the website and their Twitter for some lovely pieces and I also have another piece to show you in a future post.
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P.S. I have just started a Twitter account: sarah_bowater  -long overdue I know - but would love it if you could go and have a look as I'm trying hard to regularly update.