Sunday, 29 September 2013

Two Month Blog Update

Hi everyone,

So another month has past (I can't believe how quickly this month has gone) and what an exciting blog month it has been!

On my One Month Blog Update post (which you can see here) I had 5 followers of my blog and I was so happy that 5 people had actually taken the time to follow me. I had hoped that I would reach 10 followers by the end of this month, which would have been fantastic; but I didn't finish this month with 10, I finished it with 60 followers! Honestly, to me that is UNBELIEVABLE! I honestly never, ever thought I would ever have that many people following my blog, let alone in two months of starting it - it is so overwhelming.

All the comments you leave are so lovely too, they really have brought my confidence up in posting content. I'm more excited about seeing if one of you have commented rather than worrying if you won't like a post. My most read post this month is suprisingly my most recent, which was my Clinique High Impact Mascara Review (you can read it here), which I was really happy about as I wasn't sure it was detailed enough when I first uploaded it. One post which had a lot more views this month (which I was so happy about) was my Prom Post (you can read that here and a picture of the makeup I used is below). As I mentioned in my Another Liebster Award post, this was my favourite post as although it took forever, it was a mixture of fashion and makeup and as it was one of my first posts I can see how much my photography and my writing has developed (I hope you all think so too!).

This will be my 4th post of this month - not as many as I would have liked but I started uni two weeks ago so haven't done any shopping or had time to think and write many posts. I'm hopefully going to start a routine soon of trying to post when I have a day off, but I'm still trying to get used to starting uni so I can't say this will be straight away!
I also didn't post any outfit posts - which I wish I had. For some reason I don't seem to have the confidence to do it just yet, as I said in my last blog update it is a lot more personal than just talking about a new beauty product. I also thought I might have a chance to take outfit pictures before uni, but unfortunately I have still been in 'holiday mode' and not got up early enough - and trains don't wait for OOTD's!

So I think a little task for me is to start small and post just one outfit - it's not much but if you like it, it might bring my confidence up and it may be two by November!

Another lovely thing that happened this month was I got nominated for another 4 Liebster Awards! It is so nice to know that people like my blog enough to nominate me for an award and although I haven't had time to answer them all, I would like to thank you all for being so lovely and enjoying my blog. I'm going to leave their names and blogs below so if you haven't followed them, do so as their blogs are so cute and professional!

Hannah from NICE FUN STUFF
Kerry from Kerry's Habitat

So, this month has been very eventful, in terms of my life and my blog, and I'm sorry this post has been so long, but I hope you enjoyed reading it and let me know if you think I should carry these posts on - as I said I love reading your comments!

Thanks for reading and I would love to read your blog updates if you have done one, just let me know and I would love to take a look!

Monday, 23 September 2013

Clinique High Impact Mascara Review

Hi everyone,

So I have quite a love/hate relationship with mascaras. For some reason I always have some problem with them i.e. they aren't very easy to get off (causing me to get sore eyes which is not a good look) or they actually don't do anything at all, so basically my eyelashes look the same as they did without it ... and the list continues.

For a while I had been using the Benefit They're Real Mascara, and had really been enjoying using it as I didn't feel the need to use eyeshadow or eyeliner as my eyelashes looked nice enough on their own (I was actually just about to review it!).

But after a few weeks I realised that my eyes were getting dry and sore (let me just say this was not due to the formula or anything like that so don't worry!) as I was struggling to get it off in the evening. I was so dissapointed as I finally thought I had found a mascara that I really loved, but I'm afraid it had to go straight in the bin :( (not out of choice trust me! And please let me know if you have had problems with it too! I don't want to be the only one!)

So the search continued again, and luckily I found the Clinique High Impact Mascara and I love it!
I find it is actually quite similar to the Benefit They're Real Mascara (which I am very happy about!) and it is so much easier to remove too. I also found the Benefit Mascara could be quite unpleasant to apply as the brush could catch my eyelashes, but this Clinique one is lovely to use. At £16.50, it isn't on the cheap side, but I justify it by saying my eyes deserve it!
The mascara comes in Black and Black/Brown and would really recommend it if you like a thicker formula that gives the look of longer lashes.
Let me know if you have tried this in the comments and you're opinions on it, and I will leave the link to it below:

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Best Blush Ever? Sleek Rose Gold Blush Review

So, I must begin with saying, blusher is like 'my thing'. I just love how it makes you look and truthfully, I feel like something is missing without having it on (I hope you feel like that too or understand what I mean!)
I know some bloggers have reviewed this already, but I brought the Sleek Rose Gold Blush a few months ago and haven't actually got round to reviewing it myself yet, and as I love it so much I thought it was about time!

I was actually recommended this by my sister, who loved it, and I hadn't heard about it online at the time, but I thought I would give it a go. I mean, at £4.49 you can't really go wrong can you?

On first impressions, the blush is so pigmented, it could easily be a high end product, and what I just love about it is that it looks a lovely pink on the cheeks, but from the side it acts like a sort of highlighter and catches the light beautifully. It does give off a certain shimmer, which I personally love, but if that's not what you're looking for in a blusher then I wouldn't say this is for you. I also feel it's perfect for both the day and the evening as it can just add a subtle shimmer and a lovely colour to the cheeks, or if more product is used it can also look perfect for the evening.

As you can see from the picture below, it also last for ages; I have had this for months and used it nearly everyday and it still looks like new! For the price of £4.49 that is just amazing, as I thought it would run out after a few weeks as it is so reasonably priced, but it's still going strong!

I also decided to wear the blush for my prom, which I have also done a post on, so please check that out if you have a minute!

Thanks for reading, and let me know if you have tried this blush, your thoughts on it, and whether you would recommend any of Sleek's other blushes; I would love to try some more, I just hope they are all as good!

Buy online here: or at Superdrug


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

One Month Blog Update

Hi everyone,

So I was struggling trying to think of blog post ideas when I realised that I had been blogging now for just over a month (I first uploaded on the 30th July 2013) and I thought it might be interesting to write about what had happened through my blog for that month (maybe I should do this each month to see how the blog progresses? Let me know in the comments!)

So, this past month I have uploaded 10 posts, the most popular being the Zara Office City Bag (picture from post shown below), and I have now got 5 followers on Bloglovin. It may not seem very much to most people, but I can't believe that 5 people I don't actually know have followed a blog that I have written. It's amazing! I hope that this time next month I could have 10 followers, so then that would definitely be a steady progression! But even if that doesn't happen, I will still keep blogging away as if I have a thousand followers! I was also chosen by the lovely Emily from Handful of Emily for a Liebster Award which was amazing; never in a million years did I think anyone would read my blog let alone pick me for a blogging award!

This month I really want to start putting up more outfit posts. As I will be starting uni in the middle of the month, I will be wearing more 'proper' outfits on a daily basis, so maybe this is a good chance to start? I suppose I'm a little bit apprehensive about doing outfit posts as it is a bit more personal than just saying I like a beauty product etc., but maybe I should just bite the bullet and have a go!

I think if I continue to do these Blog Updates monthly it might help me stick to blogging a bit better, as I need a reason to post even if I am tired with uni starting etc. But I love blogging so I just hope I can force myself to carry on!

I hope everyone has a lovely September and maybe if you're just starting out like me you could try a Blog Update to see how your blog progresses each month? I'm going to try!

Thanks for reading and if anyone has any advice to improve my blog or any blog post ideas then please let me know in the comments.