Tuesday, 28 January 2014

'Little By Little'


I brought this lovely coat from H&M yesterday. The colour is lovely and it's a sort of suede material with lovely detailing including the buckle around the bottom and the (ridiculously warm) shearling lining. I love the length of it too - it's not to short or not too long.

The Primark turtleneck - well that was a bargain. It's grey, so it was sold at any price for me, but had been reduced to £3.00 - which doesn't make sense - why would they want to be getting rid of them! (This top and the jacket should still be in stock in-stores - I only brought them yesterday!)


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Saturday, 25 January 2014

'How Soon Is Now?'

H&M Bomber Jacket // £29.99
ASOS Black Disco Pants (OLD)
Primark Necklace
Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch (review here)
This bomber jacket is really not my usual style. I had one before many years ago and didn't get much wear out of it due to the colour, but I saw this in H&M and after trying it on (multiple times) I thought I would give it a try.

I think the pattern on it is really unusual and the fact there are not just one but two prints makes it really unique in my opinion.
I decided to wear it with an all black outfit as it makes the bomber stand out and clashing more prints and too strong a colour would just look a bit OTT not to mention a bit weird. Instead I just wore this leather panelled top from Zara which is lovely, my Primark necklace and Michael Kors Watch.
Hope you enjoyed this very quick blog post - I'm swamped with work at the moment and these pictures took forever to take due to the ridiculous weather.
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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

'Sweet Disposition'

So finally - I have entered the 21st century and created an Instagram account! If you would like to I would love it if you would take a look; I haven't got many pictures on there as of yet, but it's working progress (I've already got quite addicted so I would love to see any of your accounts!)

Anyway, Next has starting selling NYX products in the UK (I know!) and I've always wanted to get the Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk but am always put off due to postage costs and having to be patient and wait for it etc. etc.

The reason I wanted this was because I wanted to 'highlight' the corner of my eye. At £5, it wasn't extremely cheap, but it is amazing quality, really smooth and nice to use. After blending it really brightens your eyes and makes you look awake - even on those ridiculously early mornings I'm certainly having to deal with at the moment!

Of course, any TIBS beauty post would not be complete without one of the Revlon Lip Butters which I brought two more with the 2 for £10 offer at Boots.

The first is the colour in 'Strawberry Shortcake' which is a lovely pale pink colour; perfect for everyday wear. It's great for those days when you don't want a really bright colour, just something to brighten up your face and look quite natural.

The second one is the complete opposite but just as lovely Rasperry Pie, a lovely darkish berry colour. Although this is more of a night-time colour, I love wearing it in the day too as it makes me feel like I've made more of an effort, and I can make all my other make-up simple.

As I always say I can't rate these enough - really moisturising and last for so long. Let me know whether you have tried any of these and what you think about them.
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Saturday, 18 January 2014

'If I Could Change Your Mind'

Finally ... My camera is back to focusing (if I was 'camera-clever' I should have known that it wouldn't auto-focus on me - at least I worked it out quick enough thanks to the help of the internet!)
I just found this jumper in Primark today for just £5. I love this neck detail as I think it suits people with longish necks like me. The detailing is really lovely and looks much more expensive than it is (it is even made with angora). I don't own anything in mint so this was just a really simple way of getting the colour into my wardrobe and also into 'Spring Mode'.
My jeans are my first pair of Joni Jeans and I can't believe I haven't brought these sooner. I love my Mom Jeans as they are so comfy and usually I hate tight pieces of clothing, but these are like you're wearing a second skin as weird as this sounds. This colour is perfect too as it goes with pretty much any colour. I didn't realise how much I would love high waisted trousers too; definitely something I'm going to invest more in (my mom even wants a pair!).
I also brought this beautiful sleevless blazer from Primark which I think looks so expensive. It also comes in black, and I just think it will be perfect for Spring. Definitely pick it up if you want a really versatile piece for the Spring.
I think the detailing on this jumper makes it so expensive looking and it really will work well for the Spring. It comes in a variety of colours and at £5 you can't really go wrong - Primark should definitely have some sort of prize system if you collect them all - who's with me?

The sizing for these jeans are a W28 L34, and I would definitely recommend trying before buying as the sizing can be completely different to what your used to.
I hope you liked this quick outfit post and please check out my last post on my Leather Trousers from H&M as I posted it at a weird time so I think a few people may have missed it.
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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

'This Is The Last Time'

As the title of this post suggests, this is the last time I can buy anything in the sale for the foreseeable future. For some reason this time round I have found so much stuff I have wanted before it hit the sale rack - so you have to buy it right? Is that just me - maybe?
I have been so excited to tell literally everyone about these, so of course I was going to show all of you.

These leather (and I'm talking 100% real leather - I can't quite believe it myself to be honest!) trousers I found in the H&M sale. I originally wanted these for Christmas but at £99.99 I was a bit apprehensive about spending that on any item of clothing - what if you don't wear them enough, what if you can't fit into them in a few months etc etc.
But then I find them in the sale ... reduced to £20 - I still can't believe I got a pair of real leather trousers for that price. What I love about these particular trousers is the ribbed effect around the knee - I think it makes them a bit different then just a plain pair of trousers.

 The trousers are just above the hips which I like and the two press studs remind me of the style of the American Apparel Riding Pants, and with the ribbed patches this just adds to the style of those particular trousers. They are also ankle grazing which I quite like and have a zip detail on each leg.

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(As a side note, I have found these still in the sale in H&M so definitely try them on if you find them!)

Sunday, 12 January 2014

'Gold Dust' - Topshop Sale Picks

Its safe to say I am in no way a 'sale shopper' - in fact if I see a sale is on in a store I more than likely turn around and walk straight out (I would like to say I'm joking but really I can't deal with all those pushy people grabbing stuff out of your hands).
The only time I can get excited about a sale is when I see something I have actually wanted for a while and when it is in my size - that very rarely happens though, I hope you all feel the same way!

I love this necklace. It's gold, which I don't normally go for, but the 'distressed' texture makes it look very expensive and as I wear a lot of shirts, I think this will be perfect with this. 
 Not available online (sorry!) Was £7.50 Now £4.50
This is a jumper I had wanted for so long. It has a lovely wool texture at the bottom and a sheer panel below it which makes it a bit more feminine and could be dressed up or down. A few comments on the Topshop website have said it is quite 'unflattering' but if you like oversized things like me this is perfect!

Was £48 Now £25
This was my best find of the sale; which is a navy croc skirt which has a denim panel at the back. It looks perfect with black tights and I just wore it here with a grey jumper and again I think it could work for both daytime and night-time. I'm really loving navy as an alternative to black at the moment as I think it is a lot less harsh for someone with a pale skin tone like me.

Was £34 Now £20
I hope you like these picks I got in the Topshop sale, let me know any posts you have done on the sales, I would love to see them! I have brought a few more sale pieces elsewhere so if you would like to see them please let me know in the comments!
Thanks for reading and TIBS reaching nearly 350 followers - thank you so much to anyone who follows and comments I really appreciate it - I think I'm getting more confidence to put pictures up of myself which completely freaked me out before, but you are all so lovely it really helps to boost my confidence!
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